29RVHD Revolution V-Wing 10' Snow plow- Sno-Way

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The Flared Wing design showcases a 29-inch center and a 36.5-inch-inch outer height for greater snow-casting. Standard structural features include a direct linkage system delivering hydraulic-controlled lift and lower functionality, reactive DownPressure® system providing over 250 lbs. of down force for a cleaner scrape, double jack stand for easy on/off with the Drive-In Mount and a Shock Killer blade design to dampen shock forces going into the frame of the truck.

The hydraulic end wings are integrated into the blade design to provide maximum flexibility. Independent wings that can rotate 150 degrees allows the operator to move snow in the tightest areas and then open to full with of 114 inches while allowing for a safe and secure travel width of 102 inches.

Blade Width 10' (Max) 120" (Max V) 104" (Scoop) 102" (Transport)
Blade Height Center 29" Outer 36-1/2"
Weight 1075 lbs.
Cutting Edge 1/2" x 6" Proprietary Steel
Vertical / Diagonal Ribs 6/0
Trip Springs 2
Plow Lights ESS LED Thermosensitive
Down Pressure® Hydraulic System Standard
Wireless Control Not Available
Mount System Drive In
Complete plow weight does not include weight of subframe.

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