Fireplace #300-2D-Les Foyers Feu Ardent

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The highest quality of the outdoor fireplace #300-2D is doubtlessly is versatility. Its right side gives you the leisure to do barbecue on charcoal while simultaneously making a fire in its central part. It will be easy and effortless to practice its activities at any time and this, without having to interchange your accessories. If you wish to convert your grill into a small lamb barbecue, equip your fireplace with the hood and the electric rotisserie, that will allow you to roast your favorite pieces of meat. Moreover, its left side allows you to put all your cooking set and to store your wood nearby. Its amazing abilities will really give you, year after year, unforgettable nights.

Features :

  • Outdoor fireplace conceived especially for simultaneously cooking and making fire ;
    (The RIGHT side's independent barbecue on charcoal is always ready to be used)
  • Has 1 left side's box for wood with practical shelf;
  • Easily assembles on a provided base;
  • Deep hearth (26½" inside);
  • Get, with its depth, more space for cooking, on the largest plate / steak grill;
  • Chimney of stone of 40" for protection against smoke and sparks;
  • A little spark catcher is always provided to place at the last row of the chimney;
  • Outside dimensions of the stone: Width: 106" / Height: 65" / Depth: 42";
  • Weight: 3400 lbs;

Mandatory’s accessories (to be fully in working order) :

  • Enameled cast iron plate OR Painted steel plate (18" x 26") ;
  • Slides for fireplace #300-2D*;
  • Enameled cast iron grill (18" x 25½") OR Stainless steel steak grill (18" x 25½) ;
  • Charcoal holder for #300-2D.

* Are mandatory to support the cast iron plate and are installed permanently in the fireplace.

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