Maytag-MZC5216LW Chest Freezer Garage Ready 16Cu.Ft

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Garage Ready in freezer mode-A freezer built for the garage. When in freezer mode, it has been tested to withstand temperatures between -18°C and 43°C (0°F and 110°F) while maintaining an optimal temperature inside.
Power loss assist-This chest freezer keeps food frozen for over 35 hours after a power outage, giving you one less reason to worry.

Heavy-duty sliding baskets-Heavy-duty sliding baskets are built to be overused. Crafted from metal and covered with a rust-resistant gray coating, they can accommodate heavy items while looking great. 
Deep basket-This deep basket can accommodate bulk foods allowing you to stock up without worrying about running out of space. 
10 year limited warranty on compressor parts *-"Our 10 year limited compressor parts warranty * covers the freezer centerpiece, so you can trust it for years. * See warranty for full details" 
Thick insulation
Thick insulation helps maintain optimum interior temperatures, whether it's intense freezing in freezer mode or milder cold in refrigerator mode. 
LED lighting-LED lighting diffuses bright white light and uses less energy than incandescent lighting. 
Freezer-to-fridge convertibility-With freezer-to-fridge convertibility, you can stock up on what you need, when you need it with a freezer that can convert to a refrigerator.
Durability you can see and feel-This freezer is built to last with sturdy parts where you use it most, like heavy-duty baskets, thick insulation, triple seal and reliable compressor. 
Counterbalanced Lid-Get in, out and on your way with a counterbalanced lid you won't need to wrestle with. This hands-free lid stays open on its own without any help from you.
16 cu. Ft. Capacity-Stock up on items large and small with the 16 cu. Ft. Capacity. 
Built-in wheels-Built-in wheels deliver mobility when you need it and stability when you don't.
Triple sealed gasket-Trust the triple sealed gasket to create a secure seal that keeps cold air in and warm, moist air out.
Freezer door lock-This freezer door has a keyed lock for added security and peace of mind.
Dependable compressor-Maytag® compressors stand the test of time, so you can rest assured the temperature will stay within your preferred range with no surprises.
Temperature adjustment indicator-The temperature setting indicator will turn red when the temperature changes and turn off when the set temperature is reached. 
Power On light-The Power On green light lets you see if the freezer is working without having to open the door.
Separator-The separator helps you divide areas of the freezer for better organization and easy access. 
Built-in drain-When it comes time to clean out the freezer or switch to fridge functionality, you can count on the convenient built-in drain to help make the whole process flow.
Depth 72.87 cm, 28-11/16 in
Height 91.44 cm, 36 in
Width 140.34 cm, 55-1/4 in

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