Picnic Fireplace- Les Foyers Feu Ardent

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The Picnic outdoor fireplace, while being discrete and with its extremely versatile side, offers you the same advantages of a much more imposing fireplace. Obviously, you can make bonfires and also use it to cook on charcoal or directly on fire. Therefore, it will become an ideal model for the enthusiasts of outdoor barbecue as well as for evening fires. Whether you think of a steak on the grill, lobster, corn husking parties or a lamb barbecue, it will adapt itself to all your needs with its various offered accessories. Now here’s a discrete firepit that will give you more.

Features :

  • The Picnic fireplace is an affordable fireplace;
  • Easily assembles on a provided base;
  • Is a versatile outdoor fireplace;
  • Gives you a good view of the fire;
  • Has the same advantages than bigger fireplaces in a small package;
  • Has an inside depth of 18½”;
  • Use it as BBQ: Cook on it on the largest steak grill (stainless or enameled cast iron); (ideal for lobster, corn husking parties, small lamb barbecue and cooking on charcoal)
  • When equipped with its modular pyramid screen, it’s not an open fire;
  • Outside dimensions of the stone: Width: 42″ / Height: 20″ / Depth: 34″;
  • Weight: 675 lbs;
  • Possibility to add an additional row as option. It facilitates the wood’s loading when the pyramid screen is in place. The fireplace becomes 5″ higher while remaining a small fireplace;

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