Serta™ iComfort Scrunch 4.0 Pillow

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Squeeze and squish this Serta iComfort Scrunch 4.0 pillow into the perfect spot to rest your head. Cooling gel beads support your neck to help prevent early morning aches in your upper body. ThermoGel Phase Change foam is broken up and stuffed in with the beads; together, they offer an innovative cooling solution to keep your head from overheating while cushioning your brain. Whether you're a side sleeper who needs a thick pillow or a stomach sleeper who wants very little head lift, this Scrunch pillow can suit your bedtime needs.


Width: 6.90" (17.5 cm)Height: 16.90" (42.9 cm)Depth: 6.90" (17.5 cm)

Shipping Dimensions
Width: 21.50" (54.6 cm)Height: 14.60" (37.1 cm)Depth: 17.30" (43.9 cm)

15.10 lbs (6.8 kg)

Unique Features


  • Icomfort ThermoGel Phase Change Foam
  • Scrunch Construction
  • Supportive and Cooling Gel Beads
  • Ideal for All Sleeping Positions.


General Details

Pillow Size


Sleep Position

All Positions

Cooling Features

Gel Memory Foam, Phase Change Material



Construction Details

Support Layer

The gel beads form support structures for you neck muscles while also providing the cool night's sleep you crave.

Comfort Layer(s)

Filled with hundreds of gel memory foam cushions, the iComfort ThermoGel Phase Change foam will adapt to any sleep position to ensure conforming support while maintaining the ideal temperature to allow for deep, regenerative sleep.

Additional Details

Sold Separately

Purchase a pillow protector separately to care for your sleep investment.



Additional Information


  • This pillow features the comfort, support and cutting-edge technology that makes iComfort a premium brand.
  • The iComfort ThermoGel Phase Change foam is the world's first foam material to combine both our original MicroSupport Gel and MicroCool+ gel with up to 25% more total gel than our original formula.
  • This foam acts like a thermostat for your body – storing excess heat and releasing it back to you only when you need it.
  • Lay the pillow flat or bunch it up – thanks to its unique construction, do whatever makes you feel comfortable.


Additional Dimensions

Other Dimensions


  • Pillow (Flat): 26" W x 5" H x 18" D

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