Whirlpool-WDF341PAPM Quiet Dishwasher with Boost Cycle

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Color: WDF341PAPM-Stainless Steel
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57 dBA-Keep your kitchen quiet during cleanup with a dishwasher sound level of just 57 dBA.
Heavy cycle-A Heavy Cycle provides extra cycle time and takes care of heavily soiled messes and hard-to-clean dishes.
Boost Cycle-Skip scrubbing and pre-rinsing with the Boost Cycle. This cycle uses more water, time and heat than the Normal Cycle and takes less time than the Heavy Cycle so you can target tough messes that need a little extra effort.
Normal cycle-Use the Normal Cycle for normal amounts of food soil to clean up leftover messes from your day-to-day meals.
Quick Wash cycle-Clean dishes fast with a Quick Wash Cycle that thoroughly takes care of plates and glasses when you need them done in a hurry.
High Temperature Wash Option-High Temperature Wash Option raises the water temperature to help remove stubborn grease and food grime.
Heated Dry Option-A Heated Dry Option allows you to use a clean, dry dish straight from the dishwasher thanks to added heat for drying.
Extended Dry Option-Extended Dry Option extends your dry cycle about 30 minutes* to help elevate drying performance for any cycle.
*Added time may vary per unit.
Sani-Rinse Option-Heats the final rinse water to 155°F, eliminating 99.999% of food soil bacteria.
Triple Filter Wash System-The Triple Filter Wash System helps you skip the pre-rinse so you can spend less time scrubbing. How it works: A combination of three filters removes even tiny food particles from the wash water.
Cycle Memory-Cycle Memory quickly starts your dishwasher with one button. It automatically remembers the last cycle you picked so it’s stored and ready to go.
Room for 12 Place Settings-Holds up to 12 place settings including 12 dinner plates, salad plates, saucers, bowls, cups, glasses, knives, dinner forks, salad forks, small spoons and large spoons.
Overfill Detect-A float sensor inside the dishwasher will detect if too much water is in the tub and cut the power to the inlet fill valve to help prevent overfilling.
Width 60.64 cm, 23-7/8 in
Depth 62.23 cm, 24-1/2 in
Height 85.09 cm, 33-1/2 in

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